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When they go to school, children do not like to play with their friends, do not realize that the teacher scolds or compliments, leading to inappropriate things Children speak monotonous sounds, lack intonation, mimic other people’s words, mutter alone, sometimes sound meaningless and repetitive. Do not know how to imitate adults to follow, follow; When there is a need, the child does not know how to make the adult understand what he needs; must suggest the instructions many times before they can follow. Children hate change very much: angry or very frightened when the furniture changes, the mother changes hairstyles …. For external stimuli, sometimes the child overresponsive, or poorly responds. Children can ignore their parents’ words, but find it interesting with the small sounds they make themselves, such as scratching, knocking on objects in their ears. Children do not fear when in danger, injure themselves, hit the head, scratch, pull hair … Children with autism may have abnormal movements such as slowing down due to decreased muscle tone. . Unusual movements: grimacing, hand waving, shaking, head banging Scientists around the world and in the country have many studies on the cause of autism, but so far it is not known exactly what causes it. There are many theories that suggest that the disease may be related to a gene passed down by a child’s parents and other things, like an infection or a toxin, change the way the brain develops. Problems during pregnancy and the length of time to give birth also increase the risk of autism.
When children find speech and language difficulties, leading to many limitations in communication, reduced social interaction, abnormal behavior. These signs will be clear and repeat on a regular basis, you should bring your child to the doctor for advice and direction of treatment. A psychiatrist will directly examine and diagnose the child. In addition, psychologists, speech therapists and special education teachers will evaluate the child. Until now, there is still no way to completely cure the autism spectrum. However, in fact, the diagnosis for treatment and early intervention for children with autism can help improve and integrate better in society with proper care and attention. People with autism who have many behavioral disorders such as agitation, disturbance, and instinctive dissolution … will be prescribed by a doctor to reduce hyperactivity and help patients sleep better. In addition, these children need to learn language and build social skills. Depending on the level of each patient, the doctor will examine and provide appropriate treatment Typical autism or congenital autism: autism symptoms appear gradually in the first 3 years.Atypical or acquired autism: children develop normal language and communication in the first 3 years, thereafter, autistic eggs appear gradually and there is a verbal-language degradation.

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When children find speech and language difficulties, leading to many limitations in communication, reduced social interaction, abnormal behavior. These signs will be clear and repeat on a regular basis, you should bring your child to the If it’s not about fishing I’m interested shirt moreover I love this doctor for advice and direction of treatment. […]

In 1944, Hans Asperger published “Article on Autism Psychiatry” in which he described autism as a disorder in children with normal intelligence but with difficulty with social skills and communication. These articles made an important contribution to studies of autism, a disorder with schizophrenia in 1980. The United Nations Council issued Resolution 62/139 setting April […]

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Children with speech delay, even autistic children up to 10 years old still cannot speak a word. Children with autism often stutter, repeat words, can only speak single words, pronounce incorrectly and have a hobby of mimicking other people’s words. They themselves do not understand what they are saying, making the Flamingo and dog it […]

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