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President Trump. He brought companies back from overseas (something Obama and Biden said could not be done) made us energy independent, cut back on taxes, enforced the Yes they’re face the real ones tired to kill me shirt in contrast I will get this rule of law and did not let illegals cross the border or stay in the country. With Covid you would think he would make an effort to keep them out of the US as they can not prove testing before sneaking across. He also is putting children in cages again just as he and Obama did in the past. This is something everyone tried to blame President Trump for starting but it was the awesome Biden/ Obama duo that gets the credit. Obviously Biden is repeating old patterns as you can not teach senile dogs new tricks. One thing I do not think a lot of people realize is that illegal aliens collect welfare, ssd and ss even if they have paid nothing into the system. (This is all thanks to Democrats like Biden who slipped the bills allowing these things to happen and become laws when Americans were not paying attention so they could have people receiving free stuff illegally, illegally voting for them.). Since Biden has been in office he has 50 plus executive orders. This is unheard of! He is draining our resources and rapidly heading for a totalitarian society.

Yes they’re face the real ones tired to kill me shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

The last thing he did was disband Talan whiz he was the Yes they’re face the real ones tired to kill me shirt in contrast I will get this group President Trump had put together to go after children sex traffickers. Why would someone want to stop a group going after people exploiting children? One of the first things Biden did when he got to the White House was shut down the pipeline. This put tons of people out of work. Which does not seem to bother him a bit in this pandemic.

Yes they_re face the real ones tired to kill me shirtYes they_re face the real ones tired to kill me s unisex, hoodie, sweatshirt


President Trump. He brought companies back from overseas (something Obama and Biden said could not be done) made us energy independent, cut back on taxes, enforced the Yes they_re face the real ones tired to kill me shirt in contrast I will get this rule of law and did not let illegals cross the border […]





You will need to take steps to “inflation proof” yourself, primarily by decoupling from Progressives in as many ways as possible, building skills that can be sold (i.e. increasing personal productivity), becoming as self sufficient as possible under your circumstances (gardens, capturing rainwater, generating your own electrical power) and working to build a layer of […]





Incompetence is the Veteran I didn’t serve this Country for pussies to tell me that I should be Politically Correct American flag shirt but in fact I love this Progressive notion that you can change one variable and nothing else will change. Massive increases in taxation, in regulations, in energy prices due to policies like […]





By design is the Teacher Reading Books are groovy cat shirt What’s more,I will buy this pumping of money into the economy, both through massive “stimulus” bills and by adopting the ideas of “Modern Monetary Theory” (MMT). Massive amounts of inflation devalue the currency, which makes current debts worth less and helps the government get […]





Both Trump and his chip-off-the-old-narcissistic-block followers are bad winners and even worse losers. As January 6th proved, and as all their lies and evasions of responsibility for it afterward proved even more. As do these pathetic attempts to smear a good man with bogus insinuations in order to prop up the Sloth is my spirit […]





Long story short: Who can judge someone preemptively? You can’t tell what someone will go on to do later in life based on a major. Who knows, that “pathetic” genders studies major might go on to be your divorce lawyer. “What about all my other debt, are the Sloth if you want to be cool […]





The main thrust is that if you actually look at what majors go into doing what you’ll probably be surprised. College isn’t a direct vocational program, you build skills and connections in college and prove that you’re able to work at a high level on a deadline, no matter what it is you’re doing. I […]





This is where you really see the Senior some have a story some have a legacy we have a pandemic top that text color can be changed shirt it is in the first place but Drained Pool philosophy in play, in this case it’s also similar to hazing. But really the situations people are facing […]





There’s actually no reason we can’t go back to the Rainbow stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine shirt in contrast I will get this way it was, with a few small changes to tax law. By increasing the burden of higher earners this will pay for itself and presumably the investment […]





Federally backed student loans and the Prayer is the best way to meet your lord but messing with my family is faster shirt moreover I love this expectation of students to pay most of the tuition for state colleges started about the same time. Prior to this period, tuition rates were lower, subsidized and regulated. […]





In his CNN town hall he’s stated he doesn’t think we can afford to pay off all student debt and he doesn’t think we should. His proposal is to cut $10,000 of it to primarily benefit people who went to State schools rather than private ones. His primary objective is to make community college free […]





I can only report what people have said in my neck of the Panda people said to follow your dream back to bed shirt in addition I really love this woods. I live in a red state, and most of it is agricultural. With the loss of the pipeline jobs, gas is slowly starting to […]





China cares more about its own interest, its territory integrity and trade security. It does not want to be a world power as much as the Nicht Schwestrn aus blut sondern schwestern von herzen heart personalized shirt But I will love this US is. China has not sent any military as much as either the […]





No matter how many times Trump and Pompeo lied about it, the National Champions The Gonzaga Bulldogs Team Basketball 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Shirt and I will buy this State Department of the United States of America confirmed there is insufficient evidence that there is ANY genocide in China. As a sane person and as […]





We’re passing the Music Teacher My class is full of treble makers shirt in addition I really love this Stimulus bill ‘as is’ because our states and local governments need the money COVID is costing them so we can end up with a good result for the American people. Kids need to go back to […]





Because they recognize that this might be the Morning person just kidding leave me the hell alone till lunch shirt Also,I will get this only opportunity to remove that sole authority from the Presidency. So why do they want to prevent a single man from being able to launch the most devastating weapons in the […]





It appears many people have no idea of the Llamas people said to follow your dream so I went back to bed shirt What’s more,I will buy this operations that have been going on ever since President Trump has been in office. The world has been running on child and human trafficking for hundreds of […]





The monopoly power of large American/international technology firms. Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple. These Companies wield incredible power over the Lion Cross Light Colorful Way Maker Miracle Worker Promise Keeper Light In The Darkness Faith Hope Love Heart Shirt in other words I will buy this lives of a huge cross section of citizens across the […]

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